http://2cycle2gether.com/feed/ Kai & Sheila's open-ended and self-supported global cycling expedition begins June 2011. Following a desire to live more intentional and sustainable lives, they've redefined priorities. Drastically reducing their debt, belongings, and living space, they’re eliminating things that prevent them from fulfilling their dreams and becoming more engaged world citizens.

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Self-supported long-distance bicycle touring, from Argentina to Oregon and other stories.

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60 Soul Search on Cycle
Two overweight, over-stressed city dwellers head out to re-discover themselves and their country on a bicycle tour from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. I am 57 years old, recovering from years of over-stress, making a big change in the way I live my life. This blog captures the mental, physical, and situational preparations we made and are making to undertake cross country bicycle tour from Portland, OR to Portland, ME. This trip serves as a marker and a maker of this big change.

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Riding a recumbent bicycle thru Republic of Macedonia. Stuff about all kind of bikes, mostly recumbents and personal stuff.

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A Decade to Down Under
We are an English Doctor and barrister couple and we are cycling - for charity - from the UK to Australia in segments. The next trip - this summer - is from Istanbul, Turkey to Tblisi, Georgia. The blog starts with a blog about the Sierra Cascades route we did in 2013 and then gently ambles across Europe.

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A New Project, A New Direction
My 49th birthday brought on a small bit of introspection and I took some time trying to decide how to celebrate my 50th. I soon decided to go on a long-ish bike ride combining it with my love of camping. And that gives me an excuse to really get my geek on putting together a bike that can carry me and my gear and maybe have some mercy on my body.

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A Seasonal Commute
Regular updates on a quest for the ultimate human-powered machine for touring and commuting.

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A Tag Team Teardrop Trailer & Bicycling Adventure
The travels and adventures of Steve Malone, Alea Sando and our dog, Lana. While on the road, we live in a tiny Camp Inn teardrop trailer. Each day, one of us tows the trailer to our destination, while the other gets there by bike. We mainly follow routes mapped by Adventure Cycling to assure us of safer and more scenic roads to travel.

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A Vagabond's Itinerary
Follow Marcus (writer and lighting genius) and Christina (photographer and lindy hopper) as they traverse this large country on their trusty steeds starting 3rd July. No deadline. Starting in Bakersfield, heading North to Montana (and of course Missoula to the AC headquarters!) over to Boston, Washington DC and back. They do not yet know the route back, and will be watching the cold and snow carefully. They are or have been desert dwellers and thus not so good with the cold. But are willing to try anything once. They just met recently at a week long work gig in Palm Springs this past March and very quickly fell into the "I am going on a long term bike ride and I am coming with" speech. With Marcus being San Jose, and Christina in Coachella Valley, all organising has happened virtually or over the phone and they shall only meet again with packed panniers ready to start rolling on this epic trip.

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Across Canada for Kids
I did a solo, fully self-supported coast to coast bicycle trip across Canada this past Summer 2013. Definitely an amazing experience that I will never forget. The people you meet, the places you visit, the wildlife, it's incredible. I managed to raise almost $18,000 for Canadian Food for Children, a non-profit charity organization that supports those in poverty stricken countries. I'm always looking for adventure and potentially a group to do another trip from Alaska to Argentina in Spring of 2015.

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Adventure Cycling Association Blog
Official blog of the Adventure Cycling Association.

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Adventure Cycling Association Press Releases
Official Press Releases of the Adventure Cycling Association

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Against the Grind
Against The Grind is one part cross-country bicycle trip and one part documentary film. Rachel and Jessica are on a mission to explore a “new normal”: life where women feel safe and free enough to embark on adventures like bike touring.

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Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre
Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre is a theatre ensemble that brings visceral, intellectual and socially engaged theatre to communities across the USA, traveling by bicycle.

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Alaska To Mexico
An inspiring travelogue/adventure guide about two brothers bicycle touring from Alaska to Mexico via the Pacific Coast.

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Alaskan Bike Trip
Starting on June 1st girlfriend and i attempt to bike to Alaska,after a few stops on the way.

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America By Cycle
We are two friends, journalists and avid travelers that impulsively decided that we would soon leave everything behind to travel 4,262 miles across America on bikes.

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American Bicycle Girl
An adventure blog about Lyndsay; an aspiring active transportation urban planner, livability activist, sustainability community organizer and bike nut.

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And all it takes is daily commitment
Bicycle-Friendly Santa Rosa Wow Factor Bike Paths

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and off they went
A travel blog that started from our 3 month Bicycle tour from UK to Switzerland and back. Cycling, wild camping and lots more...

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Around the World With Luca
In summer 2010, Linda, Phil and 2 year old Luca set off around the world by bike. Having cycled through Europe in 2010, they are currently cycling around Southeast Asia.

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Back Roads of Indiana
Scenic remote routes in Indiana and Kentucky. I use the most remote paved routes that I can find. You'll find fabulous low traffic routes through the back country right in the middle of USA. Routes are available online with downloadable GPX tracks and they are free!

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Barn Bicycle Camping
We offer camping exclusively to bicycle travelers on the North Cascade Highway. There is a hot shower, toilet, water, electricity, ice, emergency food packs, local information, and quite camping.

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Batus 2011
Three recent graduates from the Tuck School of Business are biking 3,500+ miles in 36 days of riding from Hanover, NH to Seattle, WA

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Bauser Bikes MS
Follow David Bauser, ballet dancer and cycle enthusiast, as he fights his own affliction of Multiple Sclerosis by riding his bike across the country with Bike the US for MS.

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Bauser Bikes MS
Follow David Bauser, ballet dancer and cycle enthusiast, as he fights his own affliction of Multiple Sclerosis by riding his bike across the country with Bike the US for MS.

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BCor- a world of adventure and ideas
A blog dedicated to high-speed crossing of the Southern Tier Route, over 3,000 miles in under 28 days. Self-contained adventure exploring the hospitality of the South, current environmental challenges, and rising temperatures.

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Belgium and France by Bicycle
This blog is dedicated to the preparation for and execution of a month-long bike tour of Belgium and Northeast France.

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Bicycle Fairy
This bike tour is a dream where I am the architect, making it come true. It's an opportunity of financial frugality, intense human connection through survival on the road and by locals who may host me, exploration of the wildness and beauty of North America, and self-actualization of becoming a much more compassionate being. I am soul-searching, and created @thebikefairy bike tour as a lifestyle of adventurous radical self-sufficiency (Thanks Burning Man!), with extensive plans of work exchanges, trading my skills and creativity to the communities I visit (fire dancing, hoop and slackline lessons anyone?) and selling heartfelt goods along the way (laminated butterfly wing and leaf earrings!) at farmers markets to feed my belly.

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Bicycle Junkies
Bicycle touring around the world. Blog, photos, videos, gear reviews and tips and information on bicycle touring. Cycling and traveling addicts since we started riding our bikes in 2004. Our goal: to travel the world on a bicycle!

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Bicycle Patagonia
Launched in 2018, Bicycle Patagonia is a comprehensive travel guide to exploring Patagonia and beyond, made especially for travelers-by-bicycle. Bicycle Patagonia is packed with useful tips, applicable to any bike tour around the world.

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Bicycle Tour West Coast to East Coast
Bicycle Tour West Coast to East Coast

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Bicycle Travellers
Travelling around the world by bicycle.

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Bicycle Trips and Other Adventures
This site is a collection of the McGrath family's bicycle touring journals and articles on bike touring. Michael and Kathy McGrath have bike toured regularly for the past 11 years, and have brought their children along for the past 7 years. The family of 4 rides together on a tandem bicycle + trailerbike + child trailer.

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Bike Adventure Tour
Blog of my bike tours, includes posts on the planning and the actual tour.

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Bike Around the World
Follow the adventure as I make ready for my bicycle trip around the world. I'll be starting out in May of 2012--when I'll be 62-- for the first leg of the journey across the US. In the meantime, join me for fully-loaded training tours around the Puget Sound and Canada.

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Trashed and Touring TransAmerica. A ride from Philadelphia to somewhere on the west coast. Two Australians move to America and search for a new home.

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Bike Go!
We’re Willow and Joe Aathiomegg, and we’re stubborn enough to ride bicycles across the continental US. So there.

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Bike Overnights
Do not wait to go cross country. Go overnight.

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Bike Potatoes
Zach Spehar and myself are traveling from Duluth, Minnesota to York, Maine to get a great experience while doing our best to motivate other teenagers (and other ages as well) to get off their hind ends and stop being a coach potato!! Our goal is to show and describe the fun and adventure there is to be had outside of the common household. Stay healthy.

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Bike Tour Summer 2011
Photos from my 1500 mi/1 mo tour summer 2011. Hopefully will be adding to it soon with my next trip.

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Bike Touring News
Empowering the bicycle traveler. News, reviews, trip reports and general information about bike touring and commuting.

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Bike Touring Tips
BikeTouringTips.com is a website dedicated to Bicycle Touring containing 1794 entries indexed by Location and Category so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for! The site has tips, website links, articles, tour journals and information from around the world.

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Bike Tourings
Bike Tourings is a website developed by a former bicycle shop owner, manager and bike tech. A fun and motivational resource for many types of cyclists interested in bicycle touring and bicycle commuting.

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Bike Tourings
Fun information including product reviews and how to articles for folks interested in bike travel, bicycle touring and commuting.

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Bike with Diabetes
Arthur, a type 1 diabetic since the age of 11, decided to attempt a solo, self supported, cycling journey from Brussels to Cape Town, via East Africa. The main challenge of this project is the logistics around the supply and conservation of insulin, a medicine that Arthur needs to inject himself several times a day and that he needs to keep away from the heat, at a controlled temperature. This endeavour will also be the opportunity to show other diabetics and chronic patients how one can overcome difficulties and will also raise awareness about the situation of diabetes in Africa through interviews of doctors, patients and associations.

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Average clicks per entry: 64.04

Bike. / Dwell.
A bike ride from Ohio to Wyoming to raise money for Constru Casa, a provider of houses for Guatemalan families in need. The goal is to raise $10,800, the cost of (3) homes. This equates to (1) house per 10 days of cycling, roughly the equivalent rate at which master masons construct the homes. 100% of donations benefit the families of Constru Casa.

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Bike4Friendship... Coast to Coast
A blog about a cross-country bicycle trip to benefit children with special needs.

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Cycling and hiking the remote areas of the world, starting in Tasmania Australia, Alaska, Canada

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Bikepacking Northern Nevada
Bikepacking Northern Nevada showcases rides and routes that explores Nevada's back roads by bike.

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Bikepacking.com is the resource for the latest bikepacking routes, gear reviews, insight & adventure stories. Brought to you by folks addicted to campfire smoke, chromoly steel & getting lost.

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BikerBuck's 50-50
The story of one Honolulu cyclist's determination to visit all of the 50 United States and ride 50 km in each.

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Adventure Cycling Association Southern Tier - Van March 20 - May 16, 2011 Tour!

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Bikewriter's Blog
Stories, helpful tips,book reviews, recipes and all things cycling

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Biking Berlin-Helsinki
The blog is about a biking trip from Berlin to Helsinki, and the adventures along the way. It's more about pictures, feelings and traveling, than about bikes.

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Biking for a Cause
In honor of his courageous struggle and to help in the continuing fight against the disease, I will be riding my bicycle from Portland, Or. to my home in Brooklyn, NY.

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Biking in the Upstate
A place to discuss ideas, find information on trails and examine opportunities for bicycling in the Upstate of South Carolina.

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Average clicks per entry: 47.11

Personal blog about long distance biking and hiking trips. Currently on a blogging on my Prudhoe Bay to Montana trip.

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Bob Kissinger's blog
I am Bob Kissinger, a bike touring enthusiast, who is getting close to retirement. As my blog tag line states, I am practicing for this next chapter in my life. Where did I get this idea? A few months back, I attended a seminar led by Alan Spector and Keith Lawrence, authors of the book “Your Retirement Quest”. To get the most out of retirement, Alan and Keith advocate finding activities that give us energy and joy, and start practicing them before retirement. For me, bicycle touring is something I really enjoy. My plan is to bike across American within the first year of retirement. To be ready for this BIG ADVENTURE, I am practicing by taking smaller trips, like overnighters and week-long tours. For example, Pat Napier and I spent a week biking the Natchez Trace in 2014. In 2015, I plan to bike a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This blog site will follow my bicycling adventures. Please check in with me every now and then to see what I am up to. And remember, practice makes perfect!

Total entries aggregated: 55
Total number of clicks: 2,909
Average clicks per entry: 52.89

Bob's XC Bicycle Adventure
This blog is the journal of my cross-country bicycle tour from Los Angeles to Boston from May 11th to June 28th, 2008.

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Average clicks per entry: 36.93

Bucket List Bike Tours
I just completed a solo trip across the southern tier. I will be riding the pacific coast in the fall. Each day I try to post something that is bicycling related news.

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Build Your Tours
We design & sell photo books for cyclo-tourists and help them with touring plans. We would also be happy to write a blog post for the main blog site of adventure cycling related to creating a photo book for one's tour.

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Buscando Andar
Our goal is be in touch with Latinoamerica through our bicycle journey. We want to visit remote rural schools and communities in our trip. You can have a look and create your own opinion about us! we are doing what makes us happy sharing with people and children!

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Buzz Lightgear: Bikepacking & Cycle Touring
Bikepacking & Cycle touring in Europe. Belgium based

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Average clicks per entry: 78.00

Two ladies biking west across the states from Chicago. Intended destination is San Fran, but will they make it? Follow their journey to find out, as well as gain insight on the good 'ol U S of A from a bicyclist's perspective along the way.

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Car Free Days
Car Free Days is a blog about family bike touring, family cycling, and riding bikes for transportation in and around Seattle, WA.

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Average clicks per entry: 39.30

Carless in Albuquerque
In August 2010 Mindy and Don donated their respective cars to KUNM-FM and decided to see what life was like going without a car.

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Average clicks per entry: 96.53

Chainwheel Diaries
In 2005 I bought a Diamondback Edgewood hybrid bicycle. Plan was to ride for exercise and health. Now I’m going to go places. The Adventure is On!

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Total number of clicks: 863
Average clicks per entry: 33.19

Changing Gear
A site about our doing the Trans Am 2016.

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Chelan Traveler
Chelan Traveler is a blog about the adventures my wife and I make. Most of them are on bicycle(s). We are currently riding the Great Divide and have made it from the Canadian Border to Butte as of 8/27/15.

Total entries aggregated: 214
Total number of clicks: 14,759
Average clicks per entry: 68.97

Chris Across Canada
Basically this blog is about my journey across Canada by bicycle. And the purpose is to inform family and friends of my whereabouts and how I'm doing along the way.

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Average clicks per entry: 42.42

Chris and Matt's Adventures Cycling Across America
On June 21, 2012 Chris Dittmore and Matt Swinnerton will dip the rear wheels of our bicycles in the Pacific Ocean. We’ll then mount our bikes, pedal across the Golden Gate bridge and head out on our 2 month, 3,934 mile, 112,269 feet of climbing cycling adventure across America ending in Boston on Aug 19th and concluding by dipping our front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean. During our trip we’ll be writing our observations, posting photos and sharing our daily riding stats on this blog. This has been a dream of ours for many years and fortunately we both have families and employers that are very supportive of us fulfilling our shared dream. Enjoy following our adventure and hopefully one evening after reading our blog you’ll crack open a beer or pour yourself a glass of wine and decide that if Matt & Chris can do this you can take the first step to fulfilling your own dreams even if they don’t involve cycling across America.

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Christopher Briscoe
A father and son bicycle Route 66.

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ClubUnivega is named in memory of my first grown-up bicycle, a Schwinn Univega I bought for $10 at Goodwill, after burning up the transmission in my car.

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Total number of clicks: 11,988
Average clicks per entry: 42.66

Coast to Coast Summer Adventure for the big 50
Chronicling my cross country journey with my riding buddy and family for my 50th birthday. Our cause is to increase awareness of Craft Beer in America.

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Colorado Cycling Adventure
Colorado Cycling Adventure is 1,210 miles, has 72,069 ft. in elevation gain, highest point is 14,265 ft. reached on Mt. Evans, is 16 days long with 2 rest days. This bike tour goes through all the highest passes in Colorado.

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Average clicks per entry: 35.50

Cross Country Bike Trip 1979
My photo and daily postcard travel log from my cross country bicycle trip during the summer of 1979 ... New York City to Vancouver, BC.

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Cycle across Portugal
travelXcountry is a travel website that aims to provide information to keen travellers to inspire them to explore different routes across countries. In May-June I cycled across Portugal along the EuroVelo. The site includes tips on how to get a bike in Portugal, what to expect of the route and a "colourful" description of my journey including many pictures.

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Cycle Budda
Cycle touring and holiday, commuting and promoting the bicycle as your go to primary method of travel. We also run Family Cycle Club rides for the local community to get families out on bikes having a jolly good time.

Total entries aggregated: 54
Total number of clicks: 2,956
Average clicks per entry: 54.74

Cycle Expedition Americas
Trilingual website of Etienne Theroux's adventures on bicycle from Inuvik, Northern Canada, to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, along the Continental Divide. Videos, photos and blog posts.

Total entries aggregated: 218
Total number of clicks: 10,507
Average clicks per entry: 48.20

Cycle Peter
Peter Eich, founder of Bikemap and several other companies. Sold most of them. Now travelling the world, mostly on my bike.

Total entries aggregated: 28
Total number of clicks: 3,261
Average clicks per entry: 116.46

Cycle to the sea
Beginning in August 2012, and starting in the Indian Himalayas, I'll be spending the next 4 or 5 years navigating many continents on my Thorn Nomad Mk II. As well as cycle touring, I also have a passion for the marine environment and I want to combine these two interests by sticking mainly, but maybe not exclusively, to the coasts of anywhere I visit. Along the way I'll be taking time out to volunteer with any group that can teach me more about conserving our marine habitat and do what I can to help.

Total entries aggregated: 7
Total number of clicks: 219
Average clicks per entry: 31.29

Cycle Tour to Haida Gwaii
A cycle tour from Surrey, British Columbia to Haida Gwaii via Vancouver Island Canada. Haida Gwaii is an archipelago off the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. It is remote, incredibly beautiful, relatively untouched and rich in Haida culture. The fascinating history of the Haida people goes back to the great floods and the first tree. The islands have been nicknamed the Galapagos of the North because of the distinct flora and fauna that have evolved over thousands of years....and the beaches are amazing! What better way to explore than by bike!

Total entries aggregated: 1
Total number of clicks: 47
Average clicks per entry: 47.00

Cycle Transylvania
The blog presents my weekend rides in Transylvania where the surrounding hills and mountains provide a perfect place to explore the remote and desolate roads and villages on bicycle.

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Total number of clicks: 78
Average clicks per entry: 39.00

Cycle Traveller
A blog for bicycle touring routes in Australia. We blog our rides and bring you news of what's going on around the country.

Total entries aggregated: 90
Total number of clicks: 9,317
Average clicks per entry: 103.52

Cycle Trekkers
Cycle Trekkers is our blog dedicated to our world cycle tour. During the trip we will be speaking to different the green businesses and sharing what we learn, along with cycle and travel related tips, tricks and stories.

Total entries aggregated: 104
Total number of clicks: 6,867
Average clicks per entry: 66.03

Cycle West Coast 2014
A blog highlighting our tour along the Oregon and California coast. Ride goes from Portland, Oregon to San Luis Obispo, California.

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Average clicks per entry: 0

Fully Loaded and Ultralight Cycle Touring Blog

Total entries aggregated: 61
Total number of clicks: 3,279
Average clicks per entry: 53.75

Italian travel journal, cycling tips, news about CycleItalia and more.

Total entries aggregated: 737
Total number of clicks: 37,627
Average clicks per entry: 51.05

Cycling and Culinary Flavors
An opportunity to share two of my favorite topic: biking and food

Total entries aggregated: 13
Total number of clicks: 417
Average clicks per entry: 32.08

Cycling At 50
This year (2011) I turn 50. I am going to try my hand at bicycle touring, with my goal to increase the amount of riding I do. I am creating this blog to track my progress and to share my ride experiences with others. Enjoy my blog and hopefully you will get something out of it that will benefit your own riding.

Total entries aggregated: 30
Total number of clicks: 1,491
Average clicks per entry: 49.70

Cycling Challenge - Cycling the Alps
Photos, maps, trip reports of the best climbs in the French, Swiss, and (occasionally) Italian Alps

Total entries aggregated: 586
Total number of clicks: 53,875
Average clicks per entry: 91.94

Cycling for Inner Strength
I come from China and have a plan to pedal the USA from Boston to Seattle within 20 days, I appreciate the friends here anyone who give me some advice on the route etc.Thanks in advance.

Total entries aggregated: 51
Total number of clicks: 2,598
Average clicks per entry: 50.94

Cycling In A Skirt
A blog from a female perspective about anything and everything bicycle. From the topical issues to a sense of the ridiculous, including cycle touring, road biking, mountain biking, restoring old bicycles, mechanics, road safety, traveling and cycling in style.

Total entries aggregated: 108
Total number of clicks: 5,539
Average clicks per entry: 51.29

Cycling in Manchester
Enjoy Cycling - Cycling in Manchester blog

Total entries aggregated: 85
Total number of clicks: 3,659
Average clicks per entry: 43.05

Cycling Japan and Beyond
My blog about cycling in Japan and beyond. I have ridden from Hokkaido to Osaka in 2013 and am currently starting my preparations for a second Japan trip. Follow me along the way!

Total entries aggregated: 61
Total number of clicks: 2,695
Average clicks per entry: 44.18

Cycling Round The World
Stories about cycling around the world since 2009.

Total entries aggregated: 90
Total number of clicks: 2,751
Average clicks per entry: 30.57

Cycling Sandancer
…gannin oot fre a ride…

Total entries aggregated: 28
Total number of clicks: 998
Average clicks per entry: 35.64

Cycling Silk
A year-long field research expedition exploring transboundary conservation in mountains along the Silk Road. By bike.

Total entries aggregated: 20
Total number of clicks: 4,392
Average clicks per entry: 219.60

Cycling The Globe
A 50000 km long cycle touring expedition around the world

Total entries aggregated: 419
Total number of clicks: 23,647
Average clicks per entry: 56.44

Cycling the US coast to coast!
The 12 months leading up to the journey of a lifetime cycling across the USA. Cycling from Virginia, East Coast to Oregon, West Coast of the United States. British rider on a Trek 520 bike.

Total entries aggregated: 23
Total number of clicks: 775
Average clicks per entry: 33.70

Cycling, Writing, Both, and More
The best writing comes from what you love. With that passion, you'll cut the dull stuff and make the good stuff shine, for the sake of telling the best story. This site strives for that. It also shows what it's like to tour in many countries & states.

Total entries aggregated: 84
Total number of clicks: 3,713
Average clicks per entry: 44.20