Dave's Bike Ride
One guy cycling solo from the UK to China

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Daves Travel Pages: Adventure Cycling Around the World
A bicycle touring blog that features stories from two long distance cycling trips. One from England to South Africa, and the other from Alaska to Argentina. Also features tips and gear reviews, as well as preparations for the next cycling trip around the world.

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Del & Kayla's Excellent [Bike] Adventure
A gal & gal couple (Del and Kayla) are planning a massive tour of the U.S. in 2014. As we close in on that date we'll be blogging about trips based out of Seattle. These training trips will take us all over the western side of Washington state.

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Denmas Brindhil - Situsé
Most of its contain is about my cycling trips, usually day trips. But some of the posts also in other topics. There are some nice pictures about my trips. I hope you can enjoy it, although it is written in Bahasa Indonesia.

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Discover Outdoors
Cycling the BC Circle route, including Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

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Discover the Outdoors
EuroVelo 2017 - Self-Supported Cycle Tour from London to Paris along the Avenue Verte. Beyond Paris - who knows? So many routes to choose from! Stay tuned!

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Don's Bike Blog
Follow the preparation and the coast-to-coast ride of Bike Trip America, a fundraiser for Operation Comfort Warrior. I am doing the trip as a lifetime dream, and it seems like a good way to celebrate my upcoming 70th birthday with a definitive statement about staying fit and enjoying youth adventures after retirement. The other riders will be Boy Scouts from Astoria Oregon, and we will be joined at various points along the ride by others from supporting scout and American Legion groups.

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Read about End-to-End touring (and other rides) in York, Yorkshire, Britain, and round the world. Enjoy lively travel writing, lots of photos and plenty of humour.

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Eat, Pray, Ride, a Bicycle Tour
Eat, Pray, Ride. One man's search for everything, bicycling across America

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Eating the Elephant
"Biking across the country is like eating an elephant - you just do one little bite at a time."

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We quit our jobs in April 2013 to embark on a two year trip. We just bicycled the Trans America route (west to east) and half of the Atlantic Coast route from Virginia to Florida. In December 2013 we will fly to New Zealand to start the international portion of our trip. After New Zealand we hope to travel to Australia, Asia, and Europe.

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Edek’s Attic
Bicycle touring and photography.

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el de la dahon
Cicloturismo/Cicloviajes - La bicicleta, un vehículo más para hacer turismo

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Ethan on a Bicycle
On May 1, 2011, I will be departing New Haven, CT by bicycle. My destination is Portland, OR. Along the way I hope to keep you all informed of my travels.

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Experience France by Bike
Experience France by Bike is the insider's guide to cycling in France and the best resource for information on the car free/limited traffic bike routes that are revolutionizing recreational cycling in France. Learn about the best routes along famous canals, rivers and wine regions. Get the best resources for each region. Read about how to plan your own bicycling adventure in France for a fraction of the cost charged by tour outfitters. If you are interested in seeing France in a way experienced by few tourists, consider exploring it by bike, and let Experience France by Bike be your trip-planning resource.

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Exploring New Perspectives
This is the blog I've started to record my start as a bicycling nomad. I'm preparing for my first long tour. I'm riding from my hometown of St. Louis to San Francisco. I leave in the first half of January.

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Exploring Wild
Detailed resources for hikers, bikepackers, bicycle travelers, and thoughtful travelers of all kinds based on years of exploring our wild and wonderful world.

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I blog about my humble cycling adventures (typically short, i.e. 2 - 3 days, bike travels) and about cycling in general (Bike Vlogs, equipment review, fairs, books, other people's experiences, etc). Currently the majority of posts relate to Vlogs and the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage by bike last year. This year (2016) I'll be traveling by bike on the Via Francigena, from Canterbury in the UK to Rome in Italy.

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We love big bike-trips. Our highlight was a trip for 7 month in Great Britain and Ireland. Additionally we do other sports like whitewater-kayak, canoe hike, ferratas, boulder and nordic skiing. In Juli 2015 we will start a long bike trip heading for Asia. We have planned 2 years for traveling starting from our home in Germany.

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Family Adventure Resource
Family Adventure Resource: Traveling F.A.R. With Kids

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Fed by Wild
Fed by Wild is an all-year-round bikepacking and photographic exploration of the human soul. We are passionate people driven by the simple life.

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Fire Fighter Cycle
Firefighter cycling around the world for cancer charity.

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Fit & Fun Travel
A blog for adventure seekers who prioritize health and wellness

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flaming wheeled glory
Three women on the loose riding bicycles across the USA in the summer of 2011. Take your pies off the windowsill and hide your whiskey.?

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Folding Bike Travels
Foldingbiketravels.com will bring you the latest folding bike news. We will mainly focus on the cyclists travelling with their folding bikes and try to keep you updated with related stories.

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Food Cycles Bicycle Tour
My partner Hannah and I are cycling across the United States to explore local foods and inspire others to reduce their impact by riding bikes and eating locally.

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Food Cyclist
Will Bike For Food! Kate and John's Travels In Search Of Good Food and Beer

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Frankfurt to Istanbul by Bicycle
Frankfurt to Istanbul by Bicycle.

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Free Range Peoples
I am planning a transcontinental ride on my Surly Long Haul Trucker based on maps created by Adventure Cycling. Along the way I plan on visiting friends and family, some of whom may not be aware of this, who don’t necessarily fall in line with a specific series of maps.

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Free Two Wheel
Our intention is to cycle around the world, or something like that. Since we have no real connection to actually circumnavigating the globe, “around” is meant vaguely. Like, “See you around” or “I’ll be around.” Of course, all options are still on the table.

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Cycling Africa via the west coast, beyond mountains and deserts until Cape Town.

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From A Seat With a View
From A Seat With a View is a website currently chronicling the adventures of two Amigos as they hike and cycle through the Andes from Ecuador to Patagonia. Information on recommended hostels, guides, and good hikes that we enjoy personally can be found here as well as gear reviews.

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Frontage Roads
I’m a cyclist always looking for adventure. I enjoy self-supported rides and challenging routes. I’m married to a beautiful woman who is suffering from a rare form of liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, commonly known as PSC.

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Frugal Average Bicyclist
This is a place for the low budget rider who loves to ride but will probably never be a pro level rider. This is a place for the riders who do not have a lot to spend or are not allowed to spend too much on cycling and remain married. All bike types are welcome: road bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes, comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, unicycles…. The goal here is to help you keep cycling on a budget, and we will be throwing in a bit of humor too.

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Mostly long distance hiking, but recently have gravitated to bike touring as a means to get to the starting point of my trips.

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