gannin oot fre a ride…..
bicycle travelogue

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Gav's Cycling Adventures
Originally I shared my cycling adventures around Europe & the UK. I've recently added a USA section to document my 6 month adventure as I cross the USA (& hopefully Canada) from Seattle to Kennebunkport.

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Gijón en Bicicleta
Writen fron Asturias (North of Spain) Gijón en Bicicleta is a cycling blog focused on urban cycling, local news and very soon bicycle touring.

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An account of Irish photographer, Garry Loughlin, as he cycles across America.

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Grant and Shirley left Portland, Maine on October 1, 2013 to bike to Key West, Florida. We are raising awareness and money for clean water, sanitation, and training in hygiene in Africa.

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Give Bike a Chance
Give bike a chance from Argentina (Buenos Aires) promotes in integral way the bike as a daily tranport for people living in big cities and also for cycloturism traveling through places, countries and continents. We think that the use of bicycle understood in this way proposes a cultural change that should be taken integrally with many aspects included within 4 basic principles, called E.S.U.B (see E.S.U.B section).

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Go See Do
An occasional journal of the Life of Reilly

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Gonna Ride My Bike
Hi, I'm Graham. On May 5th, 2011 I shall be setting off on a cycle ride across America, following the TransAmerica trail (read more). This site will hopefully let you follow along with the highs and lows of my journey! So do keep coming back - and do leave me some comments!

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Grant and Shirley
In exploring the worlds of developing countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, Africa and most recently Nepal, I have become aware of our country’s abundance in contrast to developing countries, which has heightened my compassion for their people and their needs.

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Great Divide Memorial Ride For Dad 2012
2012 Great Divide Ride in memory of Dick Weirich to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Please visit our blog and support our cause. Thank You.

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have little
We live in a bus with our cat and our bikes. What could go wrong?

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Headed West
2011 solo trip across the country on the trans am and western express.

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Helen's Take On
Outdoors | Travel | Adventure | Photography

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Hit The Road
Pete and Ian have cycled Vancouver to San Diego, New Zealand and Brisbane to Melbourne and around Tasmania. May 2012 = cycle across US (San Francisco to New York City).

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Honeymoon in Europe-1987
RSS I am posting daily a recreation of a 7 month honeymoon self-supported biking trip we took in 1987.

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Honoring My Compass
Honoring My Compass chronicles Sarah's life lived-by-design. Her passions include bike touring, voluntary simplicity, financial independence, happiness maximization, and sucking the marrow out of life.

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Trials and tribulations to cycling nirvana. Or, one man's attempt at his first solo tour.

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I Poop Rainbows
Unicorns fart rainbows, unicyclists shit them. It all started with a 500 mile unicycle race across Nova Scotia in Canada back in 2008 that's really more fun in retrospect. Since then, Jiahui's discovered padded shorts, tiger balm and chocolate-coated coffee beans and has been around to more continents than she has wheels.

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iCycle iAdventure
Promoting a happy life on two wheels the main areas being touring trips and adventures. Any kind of bike and any kind of experience from downhill racing to the daily commuting will be covered hopefully? at some point on our journey.

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In Between Spokes
Lightweight bikepacking in and out of Europe

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A blog about long distance touring with a smattering of art talk.

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Jim and Sharon's Big Adventure
Welcome to our Big Adventure! When the new economy dealt us a bunch of lemons, we decided to make lemonade out of them and reinvent our lives. On the plus side, we are both of retirement age and enjoy good health, and we love to bicycle tour and travel.

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Jim's Bike Blog
The original purpose of the blog was to chronicle a self-contained, cross-country bicycle trip with Adventure Cycling Association that began Sept. 20, 2009, in San Diego, and ended Nov. 21, 2009, in St. Augustine, Fla.

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Just Another Cyclist
Sometimes serious, but mostly sarcastic, articles, updates and rants from the cycling world. From commuter to pro... We have fun with it all.

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Just Ride The Bike
My name is Patrick, and I’m taking a cross-country bicycle trip, mostly via the Adventure Cycling Association’s TransAmerica route, during the summer of 2013. It’s a break from work and life in order to live. This blog is a reflection of what I see, think, and feel during what should be a most epic journey.

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