Kent's Bike Blog is where a carfree biking guy from Issaquah WA dumps various bike-related thoughts.

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Lena Faber
Newspaper Columns, Photo Stories, Road Trips, Hiking Trails. Journalist from Moscow, since 2009 in South Africa. Hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2014. Now cycling Bicycle Route 66

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Life In Travel
Inspiring stories from an Italian couple that travels around the world by bicycle. On their site you can find itineraries, travels tales and much more.

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Life is like a bike
This blog describes my 2016 attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the oldest female to cross the US on a bicycle.

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Life Ultralight
Life Ultralight | Life Simplified, but Well Equipped A Collection of Our Adventures Around the World. Traveling Ultralight by bicycle!

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LikeyBikey Blog
The speed at which encounters occur can impact the outcome. Biking speed is a great tempo for living.

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Little Miss Bike Tour
A Solo Girl's Spin on Travel by Bicycle. First ride: TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.

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Long Haul Trekkers
We are Jen, Dave, and Sora, our Australian Shepherd, taking on the world together by bicycle. In April 2015, we left our home in Portland, Oregon and flew to Oslo, Norway, where we made our way to Athens via the Balkans and Turkey. From there, we decided to take on South America and ride from Patagonia to Portland.

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Follow along as endurance athlete Richard S. Costello, travels the globe in search of personal discovery and athletic challenge, on the LONGTRAILAHEAD

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Mark Rides the Divide
Journaling and photos from a bike ride down the Continental Divide Mountain Bike Trail and a portion of the Southern Tier during the Summer/Fall of 2016.

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Trip reports about bicycling, hiking, & playing outside. Mostly in New England, and some around the world.

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Me, My Bike and a Camera
Join the adventure as I zig-zag across the United States from DC to the Pacific.

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Mid Life Cyclist
Between May and September of 2010 I set out to cycle from the east coast to the west coast of America. I ended up cycling 6000 miles in total and had some amazing adventures en-route. This Blog was written whilst on the road and records the trials and tribulations of my amazing journey.

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Mike Howarth
A blog about running, cycling and my adventure cycling from Alaska to Argentina.

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Cycling around the world | 2009 – 2014

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ever thought of doing the giro di´italia? i did it: 2 weeks on a roadbike from VENICE to CATANIA on SICILLY - ROME, NAPLES and other exciting places in this fascinating country.

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Mission Cyclist
I write about my cycling rides and the orphanage I raise money for on the rides - St. Teresa Orphans Foundation.

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Mississippi River Trail 2013
A blog highlighting the adventures of our spring 2013 bicycle tour from Fargo, North Dakota to New Orleans, Louisiana.....along the Mighty Mississippi River. The cycle tour followed sections of the Mississippi River Trail, the Paul Bunyan Trail, the Trans America Trail, the Trace (Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky) the Natchez Trace and the American Cycling Association Great Rivers South route.

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More Adventures Ahead! – The Adventures of Kurt & Mary
We travel to exciting places by bicycle and on foot. We are about to begin a 6 month bike tour from Oklahoma into Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

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Musings From the Saddle
Scratching my head and feet on American soil - travelling by bicycle. Currently in South America.

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My Life on Two Wheels;
Let's Go East - Female cycling solo from Germany to Australia A 42 year old lady, photographer, cycling solo through Eastern Europe, Moslem countries like Iran, Oman, Turkey, Central Asia....further into China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea and South East Asia and finally crossing the desert of Australia.

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Nature of Motion
The Human Powered Experience. Nature of Motion is propaganda for the Human Powered Revolution. Through insight, advice, and first-hand experience we aim to shift the public conceptions of mobility and mountain recreation. Here you'll find essays and trip reports about car-free life and bicycle powered climbing and adventures. Join us.

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No Hanging Around
No Hanging Around is a Solo Adventure Travel Blog written by Top UK & Ireland Travel Blogger Derek Cullen. After cycling alone across Africa, Derek has recently undertaken a 2 week wilderness trip as training for his next big one.

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No Place Like Gone
After years of talking, worrying, hemming, and hawing, we’re finally putting our money where our mouths are. We’re taking off on a bike tour.

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Nomadically Inclined
I am a traveler and (almost) professional mountain bike racer. My blog chronicles my adventures seeking out the world's best mountain bike trails and adventures.

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NWOutdoorGrrl features tales and pictures of day rides, S24O adventures, self-supported tours and musings about bikes in Washington and beyond.

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Old Guys on Bikes
Old Guys on Bikes

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Oliver Lazenby – freelance writer
A blog about my first bike tour, a solo adventure through the South from St. Augustine, Fla., to Austin, Texas. This was my first-ever trip to the South and I enjoyed the characters I met as I zig-zagged on and off of the Adventure Cycling Association route.

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Olivia Round
Olivia Round rode her bicycle alone across the United States in 2011. She pedaled over 5,000 miles from Oregon to Florida, piecing together parts of The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, the Mississippi River Trail, and the Southern Tier. Determined to tackle her deep-seated fear of men and sexual violence, she embarked on this solo adventure to learn whatever the world wanted to teach her about her fellow humans. She arrived in Florida a changed woman: as upset about violence in the world as ever, but with the realization that fear only rules our lives if we let it. And that the world is a much safer, more loving place than she'd ever guessed. Olivia is now busy turning her story into a book, and posting blog articles with excerpts and musings about her trip. Enjoy!

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On Tour With Steady Jeff
I'm touring across the US, from New York to Oregon, and this blog is all about it!

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One Bike One World*
Welcome to onebikeoneworld, an account of my latest adventure, a trip around the world by bicycle. The trip started on April 27th 2011 when I flew from the UK to Tampa, Florida and will end, hopefully before my bank runs dry, in New Zealand sometime in the future.

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One Man One Bike
European Travel

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Open Road Press
Tim and Debbie Bishop describe their 2012 Mom-to-Mom Tour from Naples, Florida, to Houlton, Maine.

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Organic Traveler
I am a graduate student at SIT Institute in Brattleboro, VT and will be moving to Peru for my internship. BUT first! I plan on biking home to my family in WI. This is my first tour! Please follow me, offer advice, and support me. I'm excited and eager but also veerrry new to this.

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Our Mid-Life Crisis Tour
Middle age couple wanting to downsize, simplify and spend a year on the road, traveling via bicycle to discover ourselves and America. Hoping to figure out what we want to do with the rest of our lives and where we want to do it. The blog will basically follow our journey from idea thru the tour itself.

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Out On My Bike
Riding the Great Divide - 15th June - Sept 8th - 2011. A record of the preparations and experiences leading up to and during the trip

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Outdoor Forever
Blog designed for my adventure travels.

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Overland From Japan
British couple living in Japan, touring locally and working up to a bike and train journey home in 2014.

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