Pacific Coast Sierra Loop
A tour down the Pacific Coast, then inland and north through the Sierra mountains

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Pan American Tour
I'll be updating this website as I cycle from Alaska to Argentina. This Pan-American bike tour will take me from Fairbanks Alaska, up to Inuvik, Northwest Territories; a small town that is 63 miles from the Arctic Ocean and 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle. From there I'll ride south until I reach Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world.

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Path Less Pedaled
A rambling journey across America on bikes and trains.

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Traveling North America by bike. The people encountered, places seen, & gear involved. Thoughts, advice, & lessons learned. Trying to figure out how to do more.

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Pedal and Plow
Pedal and Plow is a documentary web series following Lydia Caudill, Creator and host of Pn’P, as she rides her bike from Paraguay all the way home to Washington state. Along the way she’ll be documenting alternatives to industrial agricultural from those on the front lines of food justice in Latin America. She’ll interview farmers and organizations all striving to maintain their personal and community right to determine their diet and way of life in the face of a rapidly industrializing food system. The solutions will be local, but we hope for our scope to be far reaching. Lydia believes that sharing these ideas can inform and empower everyone connected to their food throughout the world. We invite you to join her on this epic trip! Check out the most recent episodes, or learn more from Lydia on her blog.

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Pedal Dancer
Pedal Dancer is an online sport and travel guide for cycling enthusiasts, offering interest stories, race day planning, education, and encouragement to riders to get out and ride a bike in their back yard or travel to another country. I happily help you plan to watch or attend bike races and events in the United States, France and Europe.

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Pedal Pedal Pedal
My husband and I have been married for 37 1/2 years and have three children and their spouses, and 7 grandchildren. As of Friday, February 26th I am retired and John and I spent all of March 2010 traveling in the southwest and enjoying life!

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Pedal Power Touring
Our BLOG is about a couple that enjoys commuting & traveling by bike and they’d like to share their stories with you.

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Pedal Powered Family
We are a family of four seeking to live simply, give generously, and travel slowly on our bikes. As of May 21, 2011 we are living out our dream of exploring our continent on a year-long, 20,000km bicycle tour, starting and finishing at our home in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Pedal Ptown Bike Tours
I write about riding year-round in Provincetown, MA, at the tip of Cape Cod.

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Bike touring teachers. We set of in June 2018 from Uzbekistan to cycle around the world. We are also running an education project while we travel, visiting schools and collecting stories from children in different countries.

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Pedaling Circles
Just started my adventure cycling blog with photographs, video and blog updates from my most recent adventure cycle in Iceland

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Pedaling in Place
Joe Cruz is a cyclist, adventurer, writer, and philosopher (no, really). He races mountain bikes for the Soul Cycles Factory Team, and road & ‘cross for the NAV club.

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Peterberger Adventures
Documenting our adventures through life, sometimes regularly, sometimes not...

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Peterberger Bike Adventures
Our two wheeled journeys and destinations...

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Planners On Tour
Meet Robyn and Kyle, two recently graduated urban and regional planners touring across Europe and writing about not only their adventures, but some of the urban planners they meet and their perspective on planning issues across borders. Stay in the loop for future tours and more planning-related articles from their travels.

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Psycycle Diaries!
Normal bicycles, normal/ small budget, normal equipment and not in shape when we left :) We biked from festival to festival to promote Lost Theory Festival, in Croatia. This task took us to Goritz (Germany), Valec (Czech Republic), Csobankapusla (Hungary) and Deringaj (Croatia). Everything is possible when you are motivated! Almost in our destination and definitely hooked to this way of traveling, many trips to come!

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Rad Monika
Anything rad on a bike focusing on gravel grinding, ultra-endurance cycling and adventure cycling, epic and tough bike races, travel, nutrition, gear, preparation and inspiration

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Random Man Can
I just started the blog a few days ago, but I have really been enjoying it so far! I'm graduating college in May and will complete the Pacific Coast bike ride from Eugene to the Mexico border. I'll update most of the details from the trip to help others who will also complete something similar.

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Recumbently Canada
an epic 3 week-trip from CALGARY through the ROCKY MOUNTAINS to VANCOUVER and southbound to SEATTLE/USA on a recumbent bike.

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Recumbently Japan
by recumbent bike, i travelled 3 weeks and 1.500 km vom TOKYO to HIROSHIMA - cycling an alien planet, this was an adventure of an own class.

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Recumbently Portugal
a 2-week-tour from LISBOA to PORTO in PORTUGAL with recumbent - an 800 km route to along the coast as well as a trip to the dry inland shortly before the spanish border befor i went back to the coastline.

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Recumbently Sweden
this is a one week travel-blog from HAMBURG/GERMANY via COPENHAGEN/DENMARK to GOTHENBURG/SWEDEN on a recumbent bike accompanied by a roadbike.

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Ride America for Safe Routes
Four ambitious women are undertaking a cross country endurance ride that will kick off in Key West on February 5, 2012 and culminate in San Francisco in late April. Two sisters, Jeanie and Chelsea Ward-Waller, their mother, Jane, and close friend Stephanie Palmer are riding across America to benefit the bicycle safety advocacy efforts of the League of American Bicyclists and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. Dubbed "Ride America for Safe Routes" (RASR), their ride follows a route traversing 13 southern states and 20 major cities, logging over 5,000 miles between Florida and California. The mission of RASR is to raise $50,000 for the League’s Bike Friendly America program and for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs in local communities. In addition, the RASR Team will advocate the critical need for bike safety and promote the public health benefits of bicycling through events with local bicycle groups and SRTS programs in communities along their route. See the RASR blog for more information on the Ride and to support a future of bike-friendly communities.

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Ride between the Stars
Follow cyclist/writer TJ Forrester as he embarks on a 15,000 mile, two-year journey to raise awareness for MDA.

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Ride Eat Camp
I document riding, eating, and camping in different places around the world, including New Zealand, Iceland, Europe, and North America. I build steel bicycle frames and mention that on occasion too.

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Ride Off the Earth
Cycling as a way of life. Packing, planning, riding and stopping.

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Ride the Nation
Two fat forty somethings and their moody 12 year old BMXer got a wild idea to ride bikes from Florida to Kentucky, following the NBL's (National Bicycle League) race circuit from April to September.

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Ride the Wild: Exploring Northern BC by Bike
This site features bikepacking and adventure riding in north-central British Columbia.

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Ride to Remember
WordPress blog site supporting our northern tier coast-to-ride in Support of Alzheimer's Association of Washington.

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Riders of the Wheel
I blog mostly about bicycling and my thoughts while bicycling, but there are some rants, political/philosophical/etc., as well. For what it's worth from Silver City, NM.

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Riding Bicycles: Pedal Your Own Path
A documentary of our personal cycling tours, trips and holidays. Professionally I document my work with schools eg taking groups of students on cycling camping trips and mountain biking. Previous trips include Canada to Mexico, routes in Vermont and cycling from Spain to the UK with my family and tandems.

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Riding with Heyoka
Solo bicycle trip across Souther Tier, east to west. 62 year-old retired, novice attempting and tempting fate.

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Christianity & Bike Travel

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Road to Frame
A cycling blog sharing cycle tips and guides, kit lists, resources and reviews. Also, our stories from the road. Stew and I cycled 13,000 miles half way across the world. The pandemic stopped us in our tracks, but in February 2022 we resume the trip and will complete our final 13,000 miles.

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Roadsmitten is the online hitching post of Michael and Sabrina. We are cycling our way around the internet-enabled world in an open-ended life experiment in work mobility, mid-life fitness, and living & travelling close to the land.

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Roger's Bicycling WebLog
2011 Pacific Coast Bicycle Trip

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Rolling Tales
We’re Emma and Justin, two New Zealanders who have ‘gone cycling’ after six years working and living in London. Justin is using his IT skills to make sure our website is easy to update while we’re travelling, and Emma hopes to put her 10-year-old Journalism diploma to good use making sure most of our words make sense.

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Rubber Tire Adventures
As long time residents of Coeur d’Alene Idaho and bicycle enthusiasts, we can help you enjoy the city and surrounding communities car free! We remove the obstacles to bicycle exploration and bike tourism. Whether you are a business owner looking to expand current services to your customers, a business traveler wanting to see the sites between meetings, (or choose it as your transportation while in town), a family looking to have an active vacation, traditional touring cyclist looking for local information/support services, or a local resident wanting to explore by bicycle…We are here for YOU!

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Seoul To Busan: The Nongchon Project
After spending the year in South Korea as a high school student on a language initiative program, I, with four of my Korean friends, started the four rivers-cross country path. It starts in Incheon (West Sea port city), goes through Seoul and ends at the entrance of the East/South Sea port city of Busan. The path's distance is 633KM, but this does not account for the times we got lost or decided to venture off trail. We created a website/blog to not only document where we went, but why. We took lots of photos and reflected on where we were and what we felt throughout our trip. There's nothing like biking through a valley with rice paddies on your either side and mountains poking through the horizon. I have read many of the blogs on the feed and am preparing to travel the world on two wheels! I'll keep you posted on what's going on next, but in the meantime, take a look at my experience biking with my Korean friends through the Land of the Morning Calm.

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Seth Krieger
Ongoing documentation of Seth's cross-country tour between Key West and the Oregon coast, starting in 2008, with sections done a couple of weeks at a time, scheduled to complete in 2012 or 2013. The blog also includes numerous shorter tours and other bicycling posts.

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Shane Cycles Africa
One man, One bike, One long ride......

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Circa 1978, soon after learning to walk my parents taught me to cycle. This small lesson resulted in a little blood and tears on my part but changed my life forever. In 2006 I rediscovered my childhood passion for cycling, since then the world has never been the same. Cycling has changed my life.... Now I want it to change yours.

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Silk Route Bike Tour Photos and Stories
Group blog of the participants and staff of the 2012 Silk Route Bicycle Expedition from Shanghai to Istanbul.

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Silver Fox Bike Adventure
On May 13th I leave Fairbanks, AK and ride to Haines, AK. In Haines I will catch the Alaska Ferry which will take me to Bellington, WA. From there it is the Northern Tier to Minnesota which is home. There is more information on my blog is you want to follow.

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silver hooligan
To celebrate a milestone birthday and 12th anniversary of surviving a brain tumor, I am doing the Southern Tier route with my two canine companions. I plan to blog about the trip, traveling solo with dogs, and how the brain injury influences the experience.

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A description of setting up and taking a husband+wife bike tour.

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Sleepless 'til Seattle
A website with lots of fun stuff about our North American cycle from Boston to seattle in summer of 2011

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Snohomish to Salem
Updates on solo bike ride from Snohomish, Wa. To Salem, Ct. On the Northern Tier route starting August, 10, 2011.

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Spokane to DC - John's Ride Across America
We are riding from Spokane, WA to Washington DC. Start on May 31st.

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Average clicks per entry: 53.26

A couple's bikepacking travels, currently on an extended tour of Southeast Asia taking dirt roads with no plan at a slow pace with plenty of beer along the way.

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Average clicks per entry: 62.05

Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring
Super Biker Woman's Bike Touring is my blog about my adventures in bike touring and traveling (mostly by bike). There are also some posts about my adventures in bike racing which I do to fill time between tours.

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Susan & Jeff's Adventure Blog
Susan & Jeff's Adventure Blog - read about our ride from Anacortes WA home to Wisconsin via the AC Northern Tier route!

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Tandem Touring and Other Adventures
This site is a collection of the McGrath family's bicycle touring journals and articles on bike touring. Michael and Kathy McGrath have bike toured regularly for the past 10 years, and have brought their children along for the past 6 years. The family of 4 rides together on a tandem bicycle + trailerbike + child trailer.

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Average clicks per entry: 83.57

A Blog about travelling by tandem written in German and English.

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Average clicks per entry: 63.87

Tasting the Road
Riding around the world and going back to the Andean mountains.

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Total number of clicks: 276
Average clicks per entry: 34.50

Tasting Travels
Tasting Travels is a blog about people, places and cultures that we meet on our bike travel around the world. We are Annika from Germany and Roberto from Mexico. We write about our adventures on the bike as well as about people, places, and cultures. We want to "taste" all that our world has to offer, so we try dances, food, games and get to know habits and lifestyle. We travel slow to get deeply in touch with the places we go to. We write our entries in English, Spanish and German.

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Average clicks per entry: 57.30

I am a teacher going on an adventure, hoping to invigorate my teaching world by refreshing my personal world.

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Terry's Spoke Report
I write my blog every day that I am touring on my bicycle. This is approximately 60 to 120 days a year. I travel in Canada, United States and Europe. The topics are general stories of my adventures and the people I am traveling with.

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Average clicks per entry: 43.65

The Adventures of Sasquatch and Little Foot
Two fools. Two bicycles. One summer.

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Average clicks per entry: 31.36

The Big Ride
My wife and I are riding our tandem bike across the US starting in Washington DC on June 4, 2013 and ending up in Anacortes, WA in mid-August.

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Total number of clicks: 3,360
Average clicks per entry: 55.08

The Big Toodle
We – Katharine (the photographer) and Cate (the wordsmith) – are a couple from San Francisco, and this is our blog of our cross-country bike trip. We hit the road in mid-September, and plan on crossing the Sierras, heading through the desert of Nevada and Utah, then hanging a right and heading down south to Arizona. Then, straight across the bottom (and warmer) part of the country all the way to Florida.

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The Cycle Diaries
A blog capturing the adventures of The Cycle Diaries. On the 13th August 2011 Matt McDonald and Andy Madeley left Trafalgar Square, London to cycle to Sydney. That objective complete, Matt continues on, through South America and back to London the long way. We were driven by the desire for a great adventure, a huge challenge and to support the wonderful charity War Child.

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The Escape Cyclist
I'm on the road to becoming an adventure cyclist! Keep reading Diary of a W.A.C. (Wannabe Adventure Cyclist) to join me on my journey!

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The Flight Continues
Bicycle Travel

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The Geography of Youth
The goal of The Geography of Youth is to promote global connections and understanding within the next generation by documenting through photography what life is like for hundreds of twenty-somethings around the world, and sharing their stories.

Total entries aggregated: 263
Total number of clicks: 9,644
Average clicks per entry: 36.67

The Habitual Cyclist
Good words about bicycle touring with special emphasis on older bicyclists. Ride along and hear and see colorful and interesting people who are out seeing the world one turn of the crank at a time.

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Total number of clicks: 333
Average clicks per entry: 33.30

The Journey Home
I am planning a journey through Angola. To put some ghosts to rest. Join me as I plan and think this through. Join me as I make my journey home.

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Average clicks per entry: 36.71

The Next Challenge
The Next Challenge features a 12-month cycle tour from the UK across Europe and Asia to Australia.

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Total number of clicks: 24,083
Average clicks per entry: 67.46

The Quest Of Miss Galaxy
Adventures by bicycle, by thumb, by faith! Currently doing a western U.S. bike tour.

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Average clicks per entry: 32.00

The Road Beneath Us
Two girls, two touring bikes, riding cross-country Summer 2010.

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The Road East
My name is John, and I will be riding from London to New York, the long way. Starting in April 2011, I (perhaps naively) hope to cover the 25,000km in about a year. The Road East will be my travelogue, which I will update once or twice a week. Join me online for the adventure!

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Total number of clicks: 762
Average clicks per entry: 38.10

This blog is about a journey by bicycle around the world that began on a sunny afternoon in Ireland in July 2008. In August 2011, following three years cycling through Africa and the Americas I left Tokyo, Japan on the final leg of the journey across Eurasia.

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Average clicks per entry: 34.29

The Social Sequence
We are cycling over 4,600 miles to document the opposing forces of asking for and giving help. We will not have maps and will not pay for a place to stay. Through beautiful photography, writing, and film we will maintain a moving blog to show how we ask for help on the road. We believe that these favors, whether large or small, can bring us closer together and foster deep impactful human connection. Asking for help is okay. We are all born with the desire to help yet so many live in need, too afraid to ask for a hand. Ultimately, we want to give power to the individual. In some way shape or form we are all connected. You may just have to ask for it.

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Average clicks per entry: 36.80

The Sportswool Diaries
Would it be possible to ' cherry pick ' the best places in the world to ride our bikes? Well mostly yes. Highlights after 2 and 1/2 years are the USA - the Northern Tier must be on every ' to do ' list, Turkey, Sweden, Portugal, Thailand and Estonia. If you buy the second lightest bit of kit you do not go far wrong. It is amazing how far the words ' facebook ' have permeated the world. Luckily the word " Hello " are even more widely understood.

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Average clicks per entry: 73.41

The Starving
World cycling tourist. Riding to inspire all to ride there bicycle.

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Total number of clicks: 23,360
Average clicks per entry: 48.46

The Velo Hobo
Ultralight Bicycle Touring

Total entries aggregated: 114
Total number of clicks: 5,392
Average clicks per entry: 47.30

The Wild Dork
This blog is currently following my trip of the TransAmerica route by bicycle. I will also write on this blog when I ride the Pacific Coast and Southern Tier routes next.

Total entries aggregated: 35
Total number of clicks: 2,189
Average clicks per entry: 62.54

A blog about bicycle touring, self-propelled education, and what happens when the two collide.

Total entries aggregated: 22
Total number of clicks: 1,017
Average clicks per entry: 46.23

Three Wheel Journey
A slow approach to life... on a bicycle.

Total entries aggregated: 30
Total number of clicks: 2,009
Average clicks per entry: 66.97

Tired of IT
After becoming fed up with my day job in computers, I decided to sell everything I owned, buy a bike and set forth for a journey around the world.

Total entries aggregated: 168
Total number of clicks: 7,082
Average clicks per entry: 42.15

Tom's Bike Trip
A love of adventure and exploration is what turns my pedals, and a love of writing is what drives this blog. Here’s where I share stories, advice, ideas, news, and lessons learned on the subject of modern-day bicycle travel in all its various flavours.

Total entries aggregated: 288
Total number of clicks: 21,827
Average clicks per entry: 75.79

One month, 1100 miles, 37,000 feet of climbing in France. l'Alpe d'Huez, German/Swiss border to the Atlantic, and the beaches of Normandy.

Total entries aggregated: 53
Total number of clicks: 1,757
Average clicks per entry: 33.15

Tour By Bike
Articles, resources and reviews on cycle touring.

Total entries aggregated: 239
Total number of clicks: 10,740
Average clicks per entry: 44.94

Tour de Sustainability
Tour de Sustainability 2012 is a cross-Canada cycling adventure. Along the way, we are collecting inspiring stories about sustainability.

Total entries aggregated: 17
Total number of clicks: 843
Average clicks per entry: 49.59

Tour Now
Photos and commentary on a Brooklyn couple's bicycle touring trips.

Total entries aggregated: 7
Total number of clicks: 277
Average clicks per entry: 39.57

Trail Happy Cycling
Trail Happy Cycling celebrates cycling on bike trails, in all their various forms - from dirt to paved, urban to rural. I created this site to share my love of trail riding, document my travels, and gather resources into one place. And hopefully inspire others to go on some bike trail adventures!

Total entries aggregated: 4
Total number of clicks: 228
Average clicks per entry: 57.00

TransAmerica in my Blood
Middle aged, need for body-motion, new touring bike, and let's get started...

Total entries aggregated: 9
Total number of clicks: 278
Average clicks per entry: 30.89

TransAmerican Trike Adventure 2012 - Five wheels, four legs, no fear
TransAmerican Trike Adventure (TATA) is a dad (Kurt) and his nine year old daughter (Zoe) who think it will be a grand adventure to cycle across the US together on their recumbent trike and tagalong.

Total entries aggregated: 147
Total number of clicks: 9,478
Average clicks per entry: 64.48

Travel Beyond the Bend
The Worldly Wanderings of Gina and Dena

Total entries aggregated: 333
Total number of clicks: 13,227
Average clicks per entry: 39.72

Traveling the World On a Bicycle
Travelling the World on a Bicycle? Yeah for sure, there is no other way! After travelling a great part of the world by public transport , we got frustrated. Passing all those beautiful stretches with a speed of 80 km/hour feels a bit stupid. So we looked for a better way to travel and there it was..…the bicycle!!

Total entries aggregated: 64
Total number of clicks: 2,538
Average clicks per entry: 39.66

Traveling Two
We’re Friedel & Andrew and we’ve ridden our bicycles about 60,000km, though 33 countries. This site is all about inspiring and helping you to get out and travel by bike as well.

Total entries aggregated: 194
Total number of clicks: 16,890
Average clicks per entry: 87.06

Trying to Die a Bored Man
I am Robert Jacob Hoffmann, but you are welcome to affectionately refer to me as Jake. Sometimes I hike, sometimes I bike, sometimes I run and sometimes I sleep under bridges and eat excessive quantities of Ramen Noodles.

Total entries aggregated: 58
Total number of clicks: 2,808
Average clicks per entry: 48.41

Twisting Spokes
On the 2nd of February 2014 we will embark on our long desired adventure: Cycling east from Rotterdam with Nepal as destination. As we travel and meet people our horizon will broaden, follow us and see the world with our eyes. Through this website you can explore the places we see, read about the people we meet on the road, learn about the topics we find interesting & inspiring and read more about our thoughts, feelings and what makes us wonder... Here on twisting spokes we will share our story.

Total entries aggregated: 124
Total number of clicks: 7,446
Average clicks per entry: 60.05

Two For Africa
Will & Dan Hawkins cycled through Africa from the UK to Cape Town between August 1991 and July 1992. Our route took us through France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and, finally, South Africa.

Total entries aggregated: 29
Total number of clicks: 865
Average clicks per entry: 29.83

Two on Four Wheels
Sights, sounds and tales from a cycle tour around the World beggining in Guernsey, Great Britain.

Total entries aggregated: 42
Total number of clicks: 1,711
Average clicks per entry: 40.74

Two Wheel Travel Blog
Mapping the bicycle travel revolution. One story at a time.

Total entries aggregated: 27
Total number of clicks: 2,603
Average clicks per entry: 96.41

Two Wheeled Wanderers
On September 5, 2011 we will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. The plan is to start here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and cycle... well across the world for five years (who knows maybe longer). We'll keep going as long as we are having fun and have money in the bank. We have been saving hard for the past two years, built our bikes this past winter and are in the process of planning our route and the final details.

Total entries aggregated: 24
Total number of clicks: 1,042
Average clicks per entry: 43.42