Uwe Stahmer
Journey trough Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and USA via Transmerica Cycle Trail.

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Vague Direction
Vague Direction is an 11,00 mile cycle tour and documentary project. Dave is cycling a loop of North America, and meeting a variety of unique and interesting people along the way, and documenting it all in words, photos and videos on VagueDirection.com

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Velo Freedom – Cycling South
In a bid to taste true freedom I got on my bike in Alaska (May, 2010) and started riding. Like many before me I'm winding a convoluted route south towards the end of the world. Speed, distance and time are not my concern, for me its all about quality of experience, an ethos that makes for slow but interesting progress...

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French blog about a bike trip around Europe. This is about bike and jokes. Seriously.

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A car free life - covering bicycles, reviews (bikes, bike accessories, cycling clothing, books, maps, blogs, websites, etc), ride reports, features on local countryside and community sustainable transport initiatives.

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Veni Vidi Velo - We came, We Saw, We Bicycled
Bike, Fitness and Travel We hope that you find this site useful for your quest to a balanced life with a goal of lifetime fitness. Bicycling has offered an adventure and break from the normal routine and created some of the best vacation memories. By cycling at local events and around the world, it has forced us to get out of our comfort zone and given us some rewarding benefits. We have also made some of our best friends from bike rides around the world. Even if you are getting on a bike for the first time since a child or have been cycling year after year, we wanted a platform to share inspiration stories and offer encouragement on your bicycle journey.

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Vizzion Quest
I quit my job in June and am bicycling from Bar Harbor, ME to my home in Seattle. This blog will document my trip.

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Wander Wheels: Round planet, round wheels, life unbounded
We decided to give up our jobs and possessions to wander the world on bicycles. This website chronicles our adventures, misadventures and everything in between.

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San Francisco based writer and illustrator chronicles outdoor adventures- most of which are by bike.

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I'm a bikevangelist on a mission to help more women discover the joy of bicycling. This blog is where I share that joy: urban commuting, touring, road biking, and just plain riding for fun, or for donuts, or for coffee.

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What's Someone Your Age . . .
An aging man's chronicle from commuting to touring.

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Wheely Free
Gran Canaria have to be one of my favourite cycling destinations. Just got from a week cycling in beautifull warm weather and on great smooth quiet roads. I've started with this holiday but have some other past ones I'd like to add as well.

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When Life Gives You Bike
When Life Gives You Bike is a living journal of my first year of bike commuting. I document the challenges, inspirations and lessons learned from biking to work. As a mountain bike coach I share a unique perspective on mindset, coaching specifically for women, and encouragement for new riders. My bike commuting journal aspect is to encourage others to join in the fun, try bike commuting, and being open minded to trying new micro-mobility like ebiking! I want others to feel the joy of biking more!

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Where the Bike Path Ends
We're on our honeymoon, biking 5500 miles across the country to raise money for Conservacion Patagonica. The 4 month will tak us down the Pacific coast, into Arizona, through the national parks of Utah, then east through Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.

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WillCycle tries to encourage more people to go cycle touring, and cycle camping. Additionally, the site tries to highlight women who cycle.

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Wine With Bicycle
Cycling and wines

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Woolly Pigs
An avid cyclist now basted in London and have just started to do cycle touring. Therefore this site just to help others to see that you don’t have to be a professional cyclist to enjoy a ride or a pootle as I tend to call it.

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World Biking
We're Amaya and Eric, two ordinary people who gave up regular lives to become bicycle nomads and cycle around the world. Since 2006, our two-wheeled journey has taken us almost 100,000 kilometers through 80 countries on 5 continents. South America is the latest leg of our tour.

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World By Wheel
A clear, easy to use blog, detailing any routes we have taken. So far having done the Mekong region where we rode the coast of Vietnam and the mountains of northern Thailand. We are starting our European trip in Portugal in less than a week and will be documenting the route.

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World Cycle Video's
For all of you who enjoy the adventure of cycle touring the world. Get inspired and add your films!

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Wrong Way Adventures
We are two curious, adventurous, nomadic souls whose home is wherever we lay our heads. - We are two citizens of the world who are incapable of living on this planet without wanting to explore every inch of it. - We are artists who share our enthusiasm for life (and fund our adventures) by acting and interacting in the street. - We are Wrong Way Adventures... ;D

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You Just Pedal
Two inept cyclists attempt the Pan-American south to north.

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Bicycle and/or bus trips into the towns surrounding Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Visit the towns of the Mayas, past and present. We want to encourage ecological friendly excursions by bicycle.

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Zeke's Great Smokies 2-Wheeled Adventures!
One man's adventures in cycling in and near the Great Smoky Mountains and (hopefully) beyond.

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znaj kraj
Bicycle touring in Europe - mostly Poland, but also Germany, Norway, Iceland, Italy and more. The most popular 100% bicycle touring travel blog of Poland.

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